About TCWA

The Andhra Pradesh cine writers Associations was established in the years 1990 and recognized by the All INDIA FILM EMPLOYEES CO FEDARATION Registered No: By 11-7580; registered under Trade union Act -1926 Hyderabad and affliated to A.P File Industry Employees Federation (Constitution date-15-09-1993 Article-36)

Since then the Association was success fully running by fighting for the injustices faced by the more    than one thousand cine writers and keep them all in one union

As such the A .P cine writers Associations  was stood in first form all the unions of  others languages  of Indian  file industry  and  got great  fame and  name  it ‘s main  functions  are  to save rights   of the cine writers stories  of the directors by registering them on their  names and  avoid  misuse copying  and theft  of the scripts

About our Biography

A.P  cine writers Associations is a non-profit body its membership are in two kinds  one is life  Member  whose  name was shown on broad screen as  a story (script)  writer  and  the second  category as  Associate  member, whose name was  not  shown on the screen by the  released cinemas  Association  will  conduct elections  for every two years to elect  the governing body.

All the stories will be registered as per the labor Act Rules and norms. The APCWA will register the scripts those who got membership in it and will give 99 years security from copying and theft. if  any  story misused  by any cine person     the  Associations  will fight for  the rights of  the  original  writer  and  do justice  to him.

In the case of any misunderstanding about remuneration (trouble- fight) between the writer and producer The Associations will fight on the writer side compromised and   arrange to pay one lakh Rupees to the writers as compensation by the producer. The Association will fight for all the justifiable rights of the writer’s eligible legal.

To improve friendship and harmony   among writers, the Associations will organize  cultural programmes, it will encourage   the writers   by releasing   their books   written by them solicit condolences   to the expired writers filed gives financial supports to their families non – income tax poor writers will supply free medical aid by issuing Green cards. Taking steps to  get houses  to the  members  of A.P  cine writers  by the  housing  society   A library   by name  hamsa   was   established  with ten thousand    books donated by donors   in the Associations building for reading  references   you are  requested to  donate   some books and cooperate.

The new writers   should take member ship and register the stories and they narrate them to the producers and   directors. After registering the stories Associations will give full security to the stories but not the unregistered ones. The rules are common to all Associates and life members.