Executive Body

Dr.Paruchuri Gopala Krishna:president

Sri Akella:General secretary

Sri Poosaia Venkteswarao:Treasure

Sri Satyanand:Hon. president

Sri Vijayendra Prasad:Vice president

Sri Jonnavitulla Ramalingeswara rao:Vice president

Sri K.L. Prasad:Exe Vice President

Sri Yabi Satyam:joint Secretary

Sri Prana Mitra Kilari:joint Secretary

Sri Umariji Anuradha:Org. Secretary

Sri Kakaria:Org. Secretary

Sri Dasam Venket Rao:Executive Member

Sri Thotapalli Sainath:Executive Member

Sri Vaddepalli Krishna:Executive Member

Sri GS.Rao:Executive Member

Sri Dr.L.Srinath:Executive Member

Sri Ballem Venu Madhav:Executive Member

Sri Kasi Vishwa Nath:Executive Member

Smt.Balabadrapatruni Ramani:Executive Member

Sri Duriki Mohana Rao:Executive Member

Sri Yannam Reddy Venkata Reddy:Executive Member

Sri S.V.Rama Rao:Executive Member



There are two   types of writers in the society; one is Associate members and the second is life member. The  Associate  member means the  name  of the writer was  not shown on the screen  life member  mea ns  that the writers names was shown on the screen  or   the  cinema should  get the censor  certificate  before   its  release.


Associate  member is eligible to  register his stories  in society and  for  green card  to get  free  treatment  from  the Government Hospital  . He has no right to get vote power to participate in the society elections.


Qualifications for Associate Membership


 To get Associate   membership, the writer should work as an Associate writer    to the Life member and should submit a certificate   issued   by life member.


The writer can get membership   applications form from the society after payment of Rs. 100/- as fee


If anybody get the form by down loading by, be should    also pay Rs 100/- in the office at the time of submitting the application.   Each applications form for membership registration   attached his   pass - post size photograph.


Rs  15000/- demand Draft on the name of society taken from any National Bank   should be attached to the application


An account payee chaque may be attached instead of Demand Draft. The applications will be accepted as eligible after the cheque  is encashed


Attar receiving the application the decision will be taken to accept or reject membership in the monthly meeting of the society. Association has all rights to reject the application without showing any cause and reasons. There is no scope for legal action.


Life Member


A writer whose name is shown on the screen is eligible to apply for life membership. he got right to get  vote, to register his stories to get green card, free medical  aid, right for vote and compete in the society elections.


A writer is eligible for life membership after his name was shown on the big screen as writer Assts writer story writer should screen play, Dialogues etc or be shown on screen after censor certificate issued before release of the cinema